Lao-Tzu | Dao De King | the book of dao

When higher men hear about DAO*,
they will strive for it.
Lower men will be in doubt, at times they hold on it,
at other times they loose it.
Lowest or mean men, will laugh loudly,
if they hear about it.
When they do not laugh, so it is not the right DAO

Lao-Tzu | Dao De King | the book of dao
* ”DAO” means mind, cosmos, god, sense

      Agganna-Sutta | Mahayana Buddhismus

At the end of the cosmic age the universe will collapse (implodes) and all the living will be reborn in a new cosmos as radiant energy, in order to exist for the coming world era in a spiritual order.
But this new era will come to an end also, and again there will be a new start, of a new cosmos and a new cosmic age. But now the universe explodes and the spiritual livings die and will be reborn for the coming age in a material order.
This old tibetan myth of eternal change, of eternal life and death, of the immutable universe, is typical of many similar old myths of different cultures of humanity.

mind | matter

Our life and our destiny will be directed by ourselves by our thinking. If we want really be the ruler of our live, we must focus our whole thinking, our mind, on this target, but so intensive and strong as possible.
The mind too can be “trained” in order to strengthen him like the body will get stronger by training or exercise. “MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANA”
- a strong mind in a strong body - that was always the ideal and the aim of the “highest man”, not only in the Ancient Rome, But the “correct” method of this “” was and still is a “secret science” and it belongs to the esoteric realm.
We know from the study of the history of mankind that there were always excellent men in each culture and in every age of humanity, who surpassed their contemporaries by far with their spiritual and mental powers.
Therefore in every culture the knowledge about this science of strengthening the spiritual power and potency was available to only a few. But naturally that knowledge was only accessible for “insiders”, called the “ILLUMINATES”, and they were bound by oath to keep the secret.

energy | gravitation

We know live in the age of the beginning of the cosmic space flight, the dawn of the start of mankind into the infinity of our universe.

We owe this to the triumphant discoveries of science.
Not everybody is able to understand the theory of relativity (Einstein) or the law of gravity (Newton).
But all men are able to take a look onto our planet today, the earth,
from the outside, from a spaceship perspective, in order to get an impression about the cosmic powers and energies.
Every movement in the cosmic space, not only of our planet, but of all celestial bodies, is dependent only on the eternal cosmic laws, which are described in detale by sciene.
The basic sovereign cosmic power is the gravitation or gravity, which governs not only the cosmic space, but rules also over time, matter (and mind).

Even the ancient people, the old illiterate cultures were fascinated by the world of the glittering stars of our cosmos, in the dark nights.
Therefore it is no wonder, that at those times the cosmic power of gravity was worshipped like a goddess or god.
Gravitation was seen by the old cultures coupled and linked with the earth and in the myths of the american indigenous people gravity was identified
with “mother earth”.

From the oldest most ancient cultures, across the whole history of mankind, we will find numerous secret and occult doctrines and myths about our cosmos and the cosmic power of gravitation.
The mysterious and mystic cosmic gravity is the cornerstone and lies at the heart of the science of esoterics.

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